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Stories about law enforcement officers disciplined for posting offensive images or words on Facebook are increasingly popping up in the news. In early July, a secret Facebook group was discovered where border patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants and posted lewd comments about members of Congress. Three weeks later, two Louisiana police officers were fired after one of them wrote that U. Some of them include photographs of scenes created with Barbies and Elf on the Shelf dolls. One image, dated Nov. An American flag is in the background. He finally snapped and decided to show the NFL how he goes about taking knees for not standing during our national anthem.

WilCo Sheriff Chody Finds Himself Under Unwelcome Spotlight

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Instead, the production looked to Austin and is now looking at London to move forward. It has since had its release date shifted into Hamilton’s old slot on October 15, resulted in $24 million spent in the state, per the Austin Chronicle. privacy and cookie policies, please visit our privacy policy page.

Homeless on the streets of Guatemala, Edilsa Lopez, her mother, and three siblings often slept in abandoned buildings and churches. Exposed to the harsh elements, the vagabond existence was still safer than living with their violent and abusive father. The year-old and her family eventually made their way to the U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

After ICE dumped her at the U. Routinely molested and forced into manual labor, Lopez became numb to the abuse but remained resilient.

UTSA adds new home opener, possible date with BYU as season approaches

Louis Black, co-founder of the Austin Chronicle , is retiring from the alt-weekly publication, the team announced Tuesday, August 8. Black served as a leader at the paper for nearly four decades. The well-rounded entertainment enthusiast is also a co-founder of SXSW and the director of dream is destiny , a documentary about noted Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater. Retirement from the Chronicle frees up Black to pursue other projects, including further work with his production companies Production for Use and Louis Black Productions.

Says Black to his staff: “Thank you all for such a splendid run, producing a great paper, and helping to reflect, annotate, influence, and comment on such an extraordinary community. May you continue to do so with brilliance, integrity, passion, knowledge, and skill.

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But we could all stand to learn a lesson from the Jacoby family, which has embraced change in the best way possible: by honoring the past while simultaneously growing with the needs and wants of our evolving city. Jason Jacoby grew up farming and ranching in the hog business with his father. They pride themselves in show animals, and have already seen of their customers win championships in from their feed.

They ship their blends many custom-made all over the states through their own rail center, and the on-site feed store carries everything from lanterns and bird feeders to household tools, cleaning products, pest control, and of course feed and seed. In , Jason added a kitchen to the feed store, where he and his employees all took turns cooking lunch every day. He also decided to add a grocery element to the kitchen, since the closest store to Melvin population is 18 miles away in Brady.

But he soon realized they were a bit too far off the beaten path to attract customers for more than the occasional carton of milk. The perfectly salt-and-peppered golden batter on the chicken-fried steak and onion rings melts in your mouth.

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Deer Park head football coach Austin Flynn’a attention to detail is matched only by his attention to detail in seeing that all the covid precautions are met in the days leading up to a hopeful start date in three weeks. Deer Park head football coach Austin Flynn’a attention to detail is matched only by his attention to detail in seeing that all the covid precautions are met in the days leading up to a hopeful start date in. Deer Park High School head football coach Austin Flynn repeated two cautionary comments that pretty much sums up where anyone connected with athletics is right now.

On the hopeful side, the UIL announced a tentative high school football and overall athletic schedule late last month. But on the downside, the covid cloud continues to hover over everyone to the point that athletics may still not get played.

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Over the past week and a half, the state began reporting coronavirus data from a backlog of , viral tests that officials say accumulated because of coding errors from Quest Diagnostics, Walgreens and CHRISTUS Health — all private entities that process the tests. Last week, it reached as high as Abbott has said a sustained positivity rate below 10 percent would allow for further reopenings in the state.

The influx of backlogged tests, dating as far back as March, has also exposed a convoluted reporting system that requires state officials to receive lab results, send them back to counties and wait for them to return to the State Department of Health Services before counting them. Denton County on Wednesday said it would also no longer report a daily positivity rate, as its health department recently received more than previously unreported positive tests from the health services department that are more than a week old.

Some larger counties directly receive test results from outside labs and manage their own positive cases, allowing them to calculate a county-wide positivity rate. Statewide, the number of people hospitalized with COVID has been falling slowly since mid-July, an encouraging, albeit delayed sign of the current status of the pandemic.

The positivity rate in large counties including Harris and Bexar has remained above 10 percent, according to their local dashboards. The state did not disclose the issue as it built up throughout July, when as many as 67, tests were conducted each day. As of Wednesday, the seven-day coronavirus positivity rate stood at

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Search Our Site Austin Chronicle Discusses News Satire with Jan Term’s Keli Dailey discussed her recent class “News Satire: Understanding and Making Comedy News,” with the Austin Chronicle. Date of Mention.

The result is a film that is quite funny at times yet pretty flaccid at others. Jada Pinkett-Smith stars as Woo, a sexy, street-smart babe who’s looking for the right man. Enter blind date Tim Tommy Davidson , a nice guy who’s been pussywhipped up and down the block a few times. Together, they embark on a series of nightlife adventures in New York. From a botched dinner at an exclusive bistro to jealous old flames to a stolen car, the evening becomes a date from hell for both parties although it’s apparent that they’re right for each other.

As Woo, Pinkett-Smith is a natural, using her petite physical assets and sly grin to melt men’s wills. Davidson is a perfect complement to her sassiness, never playing Tim as a completely straight man, nor a total buffoon. While their chemistry is cute enough, the film’s pacing seems disjointed at times, with awkward supporting characters save, of course, LL Cool J as Darryl, guru to all players and an overdose of cornball situations.

Despite any imperfections, there is an asinine charm to Woo that makes it watchable. Its tight performances and consistent script are certainly commendable. But above all, this film’s unabashed absurdity serves as the ultimate tool in making it rise above otherwise meager expectations.

Texas positivity rate, Abbott’s key metric in fight against COVID, proven to be unreliable

Travel back to its origin and flip through the years of speakers, artists, filmmakers, and more in our interactive history timeline. View Timeline. In , Ronald Reagan was president. The Berlin Wall was standing. The Euro did not exist.

WilCo Sheriff Addresses Furor Over Subordinate’s Facebook Page As noted by the Austin Chronicle, Chody’s lottery winnings figured “Sticking to etiquette, our elf holds the hair of his date to the party while she pukes,” the.

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